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啊快点别停在舔一舔水|中华大汉灸"I don't think so." Stephen shook his head and said with a wry smile, "I sent someone to his tribe to inform him, but the tribe said he was out hunting with people this morning and couldn't find him at all.""Khan is inside, please temuzhen adult go in by himself." The maid reached for a lead, to lyu3 bu4 way."Here!" Ma dai, Ma Tie bowed to life, each point two thousand military forces, around the mayi arrow.

"Good, then by d, ma dai commander in chief eight thousand nationalities from riding, assist strategist guarding mayi, the rest of the people ready, early tomorrow morning, bypass mayi, bing." Lyu3 bu4 got up."Yes!" Zhang he smell speech nodded, immediately point out of the city three thousand military forces.Lyu3 bu4 went to the yard, very abrupt roared, like a thunder.啊快点别停在舔一舔水|Zhou Cang understood, and pulled up Fei's three ways: "Let's go, let me find the tunnel."

啊快点别停在舔一舔水|"Slurp ~" Murong stabbed through the horse's abdomen with a cruel knife, in Kirby can scream, the knife point into his chest, TaBaJi powder followed by a knife cut, cut off Kirby can's head."Save the Black Wolf tribe first." Stephen quickly made a choice, save must be saved, the Black Wolf tribe closer to here.Residual yang is like blood, A killing, Has been killed from dusk to dark, just terminated, lyu3 bu4 with more than one hundred rescued the huns and a large number of hay trench and women, he cadre fell back toward the temporary tribe, mighty, when begging for the tribe came to rescue, the whole cadre fell only a piece of ashes and charred corpses all over the ground.

Today's lyu3 bu4, has not come to the state of cao cao, but he was used to the sword in previous lives, because in such a competitive age, don't take the strange road, want to be 30 years old, with grass-roots origin, is almost impossible.At sink a track: "Yuan Shaoxin arrogant, although this battle is defeated, but will not rest, I'm afraid soon will swing to attack, our army at present, when the Guandu, as long as keep this pass, xuchang can Ann, wait for Yuan Shao flaw, break again not too late."Wang yong stiffly holding a knife, teeth trembling, looking at lyu3 bu4, can't say a word, no doubt equal to default, a moment, around eight hundred county soldiers eyes changed, although still dare not move, but they are more than a wave of anger, not to lyu3 bu4, but to wang yong.啊快点别停在舔一舔水|




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