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催根生硅油价格"You are too presumptuous. There are 100,000 soldiers in shu... "Zhang song complexion some black, again how to see liu zhang not pleasing to the eye, that is now also his Lord, the Lord insult minister died, this words have some over, but hear the law is so overtly of liu zhang expression disdain and contempt, zhang song heart natural not how good."General, it's guan yu!" Under pound's command, a general shen dao, looking around the world, can be in lu bu under the support of a few moves are not many people, what's more, the present three brothers and lu bu fought an equal battle, although it is a group fight, but also not simple, in the grassland, lu bu but has a single kill 23 general record."Take five hundred men and burn as much as you can!" "Zhou yu shen sounded.

In fact, to han soldiers fought to the temptation of various states lu bu is not the first time do such a thing, seibel clear lyu3 bu4's mind, however, is not only solve financial big consumption, more importantly, to be able to collapse from various states of war potential, the recruited thousands Hu Bing at a draught, a little money, I'm afraid of the countries are lyu3 bu4 this not to kill blood means to dig out, can eventually left, seibel don't know, but the rest, must be the elite, according to lu bu before urinary sex, these people will enter into the han, the relations with the western countries also nothing.催根生Milan will burn letter quickly, complexion is very ugly, he don't know whether or not he should listen to zhangsong, lyu3 bu4 strong, however, he is to see in the eye, as a monarch, even without a sweep of the eight wild ambition, but also certainly don't want to be built on stilts, since this way is zhangsong, that must have the cause, when to sink a track: "for a car, to zhangsong palace."

催根生"Thank you, commander! Several jingzhou soldiers looked at each other, then qi qi arch way.And milan for the benefits of his focus only on the rule of law itself, but itself does not comply with the meaning, the liu sons also through, but neglected, even ran to tell the people will be tidy up, the beginning, really can bring a lot of interest for milan at the same time also can suppress family, but milan to reputation destroyed with not one bit, and not just for family, so, same to the people on both sides thankless, typical imitation."The Lord is right." Horses are patted the ballista, relative to other ballista, a burned the lightest, also largely retained many of the ballista, horses are being top craftsman, can calculate some of its properties, shake head to sigh a way: "is I underestimate the land, but research and development of the crossbow, it seems, are still not perfect, otherwise, the general yesterday pound are dangerous."

"Ha ha ha ~" zhou an sneer at a way: "by you and so on these mice, also want to oppose with my home commander, dream! Men, let me kill you!""If the general wants to kill us, we are now prisoners of the lower ranks, at the command of the general, but I have to wait for the Lord liu zhang this loyalty, but it is a dream.A shaft pierced his throat, and the soldier's eyes suddenly wandered.催根生




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