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hackpx|海意背景Ule smell speech, face a change, is tolerant way: "adult rest assured, this matter, I must endow khan."Strong body stiffened, bowed his head, looked at the chest protruding arrow cluster, throat sent a cluck strange noise, finally turned into a cry of grief and indignation, majestic body roared off the horse, built up a dust, lost his master horses linger around his master, doubtful looking at the fall of the master, for a long time do not want to leave."You're an asshole!" Finally unable to maintain that kind of high above, everything in control of the cold.

Soon afterwards, a deafening shock suddenly came from afar. If you look at it from a high place, you can see the formerly turbulent array of riders, as if encountering a cliff. At a certain moment, the momentum of the tiger stopped abruptly. Instead, it was a screaming cry and a hiss of horses.In the dark, these beggars do not know how many enemies, many beggars began to fly around without a head.hackpx|"The strategist is open-minded." Zhang he cheered up, then wry smile.

hackpx|"No, no, no," said Kui, glittering in his eyes, stopping his steps. "The Huns didn't really give us their allegiance. They even occupied one of our tribes. We had no reason to help them."Chapter XII Name and BenefitThese jun are following cao cao's conquest, A brave, eyes a stare, xu togeher a few home will no longer be lombardi allocated to his Euphorbia, although also calculate tough, but rarely on the battlefield, which have seen such momentum, for a while have some retreat, only xu togeher is calm, is the dress, proudly looked at them: "tell cao", old friend xu togeher to see, don't come out to meet! "

Xu togeher didn't answer, just quietly looking at cao cao.Zhang Gu sneers at a way: "But one without a man, casually a few words, will deceive him in the past, this person is light and unprepared, it is you and I famous in the world.""Don't think about it, don't you really want to rely on your more than three hundred people, rebuild the huns? That is impossible, to join the king's court, by the power of the king's court, you can get what you want, right, beauty."hackpx|




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